Panchakarma means “five procedures”. These five cleansing procedures remove accumulated waste materials in the body. Meant for both healthy and sick.⦁ Medicated oil enema (Sneha Vasti)⦁ Decoction enema (Kashaya Vasti)⦁ Cleaning the bowels with medicines (Virechana)⦁ Induced vomiting with medicines (Vamana)⦁ Nose Medication (Nasya)If done […]


Shalya Tantra ( General Surgery ) department has a separate and well equipped surgery department dealing patients on both outdoor and indoor basis specialized Ayurvedic and surgical management our department has various activities for surgical patients in these all the general surgical procedures are performed […]


Department of Sharir Kriya is concerned with Basic Principles of Ayurveda. Basic Principles ( for exp. Dosha, Dhatu, Malas etc.) are very very important in Ayurveda. Without knowledge of basic principles of Sharir Kriya, we cannot understand any subject of Ayurveda because doshas are physiological […]


Sharir Rachana is one of the main basic subjects of medical science, by which we can identify and gain knowledge of human body parts using dissection methods and become open- minded researcher and able clinician. Being the foundation, all the basic principles of Ayurveda are […]