Ashvin Rural

Name of the event – Basic Health Science Education Technology Workshop

Date -12th Dec to 14th Dec 2022

Venue -Ashvin Rural Ayurved College and Hospital Manchi Hill

Co-Ordinator– Dr.Ravindra Atram

Convener -Dr.khandizod Shivpal

Organizing Secretary -Dr.Shelavale Vikram


              Offline  Basic Health Science Education Technology Workshop was successfully conducted by -Ashvin Rural Ayurved College and Hospital Manchi Hill the workshop was held from 12th Dec to 14th Dec 2022 Total 30 Participant attended workshop Total 8 faculty speakers from different faculties guided the participants Those where Dr.Aparna Sole, Dr.Maya Gokhale, Dr. Pratibha Shimpi ,Dr. Deepali Chaudhari, Dr. Pritam Pawale, Dr. Yogesh Surse ,Dr. Shreerang Chhapekar, Dr. Madhav Borude..

The core of the workshop was to equip the participants with set of skills potentialities Teaching Learning Evaluation with various  activities  and Exercise  to undertake the  Teacher Education Workshop  very effectively on the disciplines of MUHS and to turn completed Workshop  into Publishable material of high qualities in the form of various Scenarios Objectives News Paper and Exercise  This workshop was designed to offer practical guidelines to the Teacher  The workshop consisted of both theory and Practical By and by the end of the program, they are expected to develop  Teaching and Learning Evaluation With the Help of  Micro Teaching.


1st day of Workshop   


first day workshop started with inauguration and Lord Dhanwantari pujan and pre-test session. Dr. Shivpal Khandizod gave introductory speech. After that first lecture was held by Dr. Aparna Sole which was on to Ice breaking and group dynamics and very interesting group activity taken by Dr. Aparna Sole and Maya Gokhale second lecture was held by again Dr. Dr. Aparna Sole which was Phenomenon of Learning & Principles of Adult Learning after that Session Dr. Maya Gokhale held lecture on Av Aids and shows audio videos  clips after this interesting activity

 Dr. Aparna Sole conduct lecture on Curriculum outcomes and objectives after that Lunch break is there. After Lunch Dr. Maya Gokhale Continue the Session on introduction on Teaching Learning Method and Conduct Activities on Teaching Objectives at the end of first day Dr. Maya Gokhale Held one Minute preceptor topic Which is very interesting and informative  after that Session tea serve to everyone and collect Feedback of first day then Falicited the faculty Member and gave both of thanks by Dr. Ravindra Atram  workshop co-ordinater.



 2nd day of workshop


          The session on day two started with lecture on teaching large and small groups conducted by dr Pratibha shimpi which was very helpful for teachers. After that lecture dr Pritam pawale sir conducted domains and taxonomy topic. This is again very innovative lecture for teachers after that he was also conducted speech on integrated teaching and group activity also which is helpful top improve knowledge for teachers,


After lunch break session continue with communication skills conducted by dr Pritam Pawale with small activity. After that dr. Deepali chaudhari conducted introduction to assessment and assessment methods which is helpful informative for theory exam and also gave lecture on assessment of knowledge of MCQ SAQ and LAQ and givesome exersiseon MCQ for participants

 At the end of session microteaching was heldby dr Pratibha shimpi.after that feedback was collected and falicitate the faculty and gave vote of thanks by Dr. Vikram shelavle workshop organizer.


3rd  day of workshop


Third day started with Lecture on practical issues related to university assessment conducted by Dr. Shreerang Chhapekar After that Dr. Yogesh Surse Conduct the topic on assessment of knowledge structured oral examination this Lecture is conducted with group activity after that assessment of performance OSCE and other newer methods with some practical Scenarios after that Dr. Shreerang Chhapekar give Lecture on Introduction to reliability, validity and Blue printing  after Lunch Break the Topic group presentation on the framed curriculum was conducted by Dr. Madhav Borude with gives some examples on curriculum after that how to give a feedback this topic is also conducted by Dr. Madhav Borude at the end of third day Session collect post test and feedback form then valedictory function taken by Dr. Shjivpal Khandizod  Workshop Convener and Falicited the Faculties then whote of thanks gave by College Principal Dr. Sanjeev Lokhande.