Ashvin Rural

  • The hospital of our organization has been acquired by the Government of Maharashtra for Covid-19 from 16/4/2020 and is in the possession of the Government of Maharashtra till date.
  • Since the acquisition of the hospital, Nimgaonjali Primary Health Center and the staff of our hospital have been working tirelessly for Covid and other ailments.
  • We are starting a separate OPD for Covid and providing free check up and guidance to many patients.
  • During the time of Covid, 2488 patients have been treated by the Primary Health Center, Nimgaonjali and our hospital and even today the patients of Covid are coming to our hospital for treatment.
  • Prior to that, we are also benefiting many patients as an isolation center / isolation room.
  • If Covid Affected Patient is treated with medicine by the government, our organization is distributing Ayurvedic extract, tea twice a day, eggs in the morning and fresh fruits in the afternoon.
  • All the doctors and other staff of our hospital are regularly treating corona patients as the government has recently removed all their staff.
  • Every day Covid patients are given guidance on diet, vihar and yoga pranayama.