Ashvin Rural


Department of Sharir Kriya is concerned with Basic Principles of Ayurveda. Basic Principles ( for exp. Dosha, Dhatu, Malas etc.) are very very important in Ayurveda. Without knowledge of basic principles of Sharir Kriya, we cannot understand any subject of Ayurveda because doshas are physiological unit of the human body. Dhatus are anatomical (structural) unit of the body and Malas are excretory (solid & liquid) part of the body. By the knowledge of this subject, the student have know it means about normal healthy condition of the body.

In this Dept. Physiological knowledge of Physiological activities of human body is given to student. Without Physiology we cannot judge pathology hence, for the better education of Sharir Kriya, as per the norms of CCIM all types of charts, models, instruments chemicals are available. Recently two books are published. Ayurved, Adhunik, Prakrits Paramarsh (Concept of Prakriti according to Ayurved & Modern Science).