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Sharir Rachana is one of the main basic subjects of medical science, by which we can identify and gain knowledge of human body parts using dissection methods and become open- minded researcher and able clinician. Being the foundation, all the basic principles of Ayurveda are encompassed within Sharir Rachana.
All the medical sciences require basic knowledge of Sharir Rachana. Hence the study is indeed a most important of the basic Sciences of life.
Department gives training to Ayurveda graduate and paramedical students. First year B.A.M.S syllabus includes both Ayurvedic and modern anatomy.It covers osteology, histology, study of organs and dissection of human cadaver. Dissection of dead body is an essential part of the study of gross Anatomy. Acharya Susrutha, known as the father of surgery had given clear guide lines regarding the selection, preservation, processing and procedures for the dissection of the the dead body in his text Susrutha Samhitha. He says “the different parts of the body ,including the skin, cannot be correctly described by one who is not well versed in anatomy. Hence,  one who  desires of acquiring a thorough knowledge of anatomy should collect dead body and carefully, observe by dissecting it and examine its different parts”.