Ashvin Rural

Rasashashtra & Bhaishajya Kalpana deals with Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences.
It includes Preparation & Standardizations of various medicines.
Formulations includes knowledge about traditional as well as modern methods of preparation.
Rasashashtra & Bhaishajya kalapana include deep knowledge about herbal, mineral & poisonous drugs, there identification & ideal quality.

Preparation Section

Churna Section: Different Types of Kahalva Yantra, Sieves.
Avaleha & Sneha Paka :- Gas Stove, Burner , Different Size of vessels.
Gutika- Vatika Section :- Khalva Yantra , Wet Grinder, Vessels , Compressing Machinery etc.
Bhasma Section:- Sharav, Furness, Puta, Musha.
Kupipakwa Rasasyan Section:- Traditional Bhatti, Furness, Pyrometer Thermometer, iron rod.
Asav-Arishta Section.:- Gas Stove, Vessels, China Clay Jars.
Malaher Section:- Gas Stove, China Clay Khalva Yantra.
Extraction Section, Simple Distillation Apparatus, Juice Extractor.